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Since I don't want to spam my site users with AdSense or any other of those annoying advertisements, I came up with the idea of having some dynamic signatures to advertise this website for free and without annoying anyone.
I know that some of you (users of my website) are regulars on other similar sites so I've made some dynamic signatures that you can use on those other websites to help me gather more people here and help this website grow a bit more.

But what are really this dynamic signatures?

Nothing more than a little image that shows your Avatar, your site rank, your post count and the total time your were logged in on this website. All this is shown on a single image that when clicked will point the users to this website.
Here's an example:

(this image was reduced to fit this window)

So, how can you use this dynamic signature?

Before anything else you should chose the style that best fits the site you are going to use the dynamic signature on. You can check all styles here.

Then its simple. Just copy the code that you find in your profile and paste it as a signature in that particular site/forum, only changing the "style=#" in the link. EZ!

Note: Please don't use your dynamic signature on sites that can find it inappropriate. Some sites can flag it as unauthorised publicity or even that it doesn't fit the style of their site. Use it with moderation. ;)