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Yeah, the site has a mention system that you can use to mention (or tag) another user when you post a message on the forums. When you mention a user they will get a notification alert with a direct link to your post. This is an excellent way to call someone's attention to a thread and/or post in the forums that you think they may be interested.

To mention someone you just need to use the symbol @ before their nickname on the site. The site will then try to help you find the user by matching the names after you type a couple of characters. When you see the username in the list just click it (or hit the Enter key) and it will be added to your post.

In this case the user was trying to tag me (DragoN). As you can see it is really easy to tag someone.

After you post your message that user will get a notification alert on their left menu telling them about your mention. You can learn more about our notification system by clicking here.

You can check all the messages you have been mentioned in on your profile page by hovering your mouse over the "Profile Info" menu and it will show several selections were you can find "Mentions". Check the help image below:

Note: Some users can find it annoying to be always getting notifications and so I appeal to your good sense when you tag someone. The abuse of this system can be reported and can incur a punishment for the abuser.