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To enhance the experience of using the site forums I've build a feature that give the users the ability to give a more personal touch to their profiles by uploading their own Profile Cover Photo.

You probably already know what this is since profile pictures are used in several other social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, Twitch among others, but if you aren't this means is you can personalize your profile page by using an image or photo that will show at the top of your profile page and in all your forum posts as your avatar.

To select a Cover image you must visit your profile page and copy an image URL to the input field "Cover Photo". The proper resolution should be around 1000x200px and around 200kb size. You can see a help image by clicking here.

Your selected photo/image will appear on your profile page (you can see an example here) and as your avatar in all your forum posts as you can see in the example below:

Until you set your own Cover image the system will use the site default one.

NOTE: We ask you to be careful with the images you chose for your Cover. Even tho the website registration is limited to +18 years old there are parts of this website that can be visited by under age people. So to keep things under control make sure your image respect the website Terms of Usage. If I find that they aren't being respected the image will be deleted immediately and you may be punished. If you happen to see any Cover image that you find inappropriate or that is against our Terms of Use please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks.