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This website is open to whoever wants to join this little side project of mine. Here you will find a space where you can share ideas, tips & tricks, and more importantly, to connect with other people who enjoy playing games as much as you do. If you have any trouble finding something or have any questions feel free to contact me.

To register an account on my website I will require you to complete a series of steps. Nothing really complicated and I will try to make them easy for you to complete.

So, here are the requirements: Now, the steps you need to take to register your account:

If you do not wish to register an account just yet at least until you know for sure that my site is something that you would use in the future than you are more than welcome to use the "demo account" to check things out first.
Note: To avoid abusive behavior this "demo account" has restrictions that are not present in a normal account and only provides the visitors the ability to view some basic content of my site.

The Demo Account details are:

After registration is complete you can login to my site and start using all the functionalities it offers. Simply enter your username and password in the login fields at the top right corner of the site and press enter (click to see).

When you login your browser will create and keep a cookie of my site on your computer. That cookie only keeps information necessary to keep you logged into my site for the time that the cookie exists. You can delete the cookie at any time by clearing the cache/cookie files of your browser or deleting the "thedragon.club cookie" from your cookie list. If you do delete it the next time you visit my site you will have to use your credentials again (username and password) to loginand use all the features of my site.